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Fans, aficionados, visionaries, contributors, friends and family. You are all the most important people in this process. With your participation, projects have the potential to come to life!

Request A Project!

Are you a Fan of a Creator that may not be working on anything at the moment? Increase demand for that Creator to start a project that you have initiated! Imagine being the catalyst for one of your favorite artists.

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See a project you really like? Have a special skill or service you would like to contribute to a new project? Contact the Creator directly on their profile page and see if you can join the team. 

For Creators

Start Your Own Project

Got a great idea? Is there something you have always wanted to do but didn't have the support? Launchpad is the answer.

Launchpad projects can be - art, literature, technology, music, games, design, or any creative endeavor. Build a project and offer great rewards to the Fans that participate.